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About us...

With over 20 years of experience in construction and more than 200 fully tiled pools, our team offers complete highly specialised swimming pool tiling service from start to finish. Our team at Modern Tiling Solutions Pty Ltd has been delivering great finish with unparalleled quality. Understanding latest Australian standards and using only the best materials, we are the professionals that set the benchmark in pool interior mosaic tiling, design & build quality.

Outdoor living in Australia is a beautiful part of everyday life. Fully tiling your pool not only enhances your swimming experience it also adds value to your house. No more scratches and skin peeling off your toes, just a smooth finish for everyone to enjoy. Beautiful glass mosaic installed by real professionals add real value & benefit to your outdoor area. 

We are happy to answer any questions regarding your swimming pool needs. You can be assured that our expertise will help you in making the right decision. 

We do not install cement based finishes such as pebblecrete but are happy to recommend great trades. Give us a call and we can help you out with no obligation. 

Why fully tiled?

Beauty, endless choice of colour and finish, silky smoothness, prestige, longevity, durability, resistance, maintenance… These are some of the advantages when deciding whether to fully tile your swimming pool.

When installed by experienced pool tilers, the glass or ceramic mosaic provide the best swimming pool interior option. It offers a beautiful finish with unlimited colour and design choices but also a surface that is highly resistant to chemical corrosion and other types of damage. The colour of the mosaic is contained within the glass itself and will not fade. This is not the case of other pool interiors like fibreglass swimming pools or epoxy painted concrete pools. 

Another benefit of a fully tiled swimming pool is its easy maintenance. Because of the smooth finish of the glass mosaic, algae will not be able to stick to the surface. During extended periods of lower pool maintenance such as holidays or inclement weather, leaves and other organic material can build up in the pool and stain the surface. With pebblecrete, these stains are hard to remove, as they get deep into the cementitious surface. Glass mosaic is impermeable to any of this therefore the surface will not change. The use of epoxy grout can also help to keep the water cleaner and assist with chemical stability.


Fully tiled pool will protect the concrete shell against ageing and extend the life of your pool significantly. No other interior finish comes close to the durability and longevity of a fully tiled pool. Only important part of this process is to use highly skilled professionals. We have fully tiled over 200 swimming pools in Sydney and can help with even the most demanding applications.

Our services

Fully tiled swimming pools, glass or ceramic mosaic.

Waterproofing of the pool interior/surround.


Swimming pool renovations and repairs.


Rendering prior to tiling.


Pool Coping installation.


Waterline rendering and tiling for new and existing swimming pools.


Natural stone, Travertine, Granite, Sandstone, Bluestone, Limestone.

Epoxy grouting, cement based grouting, re-grouting.

Swimming pool surround tiling, Water features.

Supply of glass mosaic.

Custom pool enclosure supply and installation*   


*Please visit Pool enclosures page for further information

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