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Gallery 1

Welcome to our Swimming pool gallery. Most of the photos here were taken with a phone camera during construction and after work was finished. Should you like any of the mosaic colours we will gladly send you more information such as brand name and a price indication. We strongly recommend DOT mount system used by Ezarri glass mosaic. They offer not only top quality, but also industry leading reliability, longevity and choice of colour. Please be aware that it is impossible to capture the real colour effect by any digital camera. Even the best technology doesnt have color gamut wide enough to represent the true beauty of a summer lit swimming pool fully tiled in glass mosaic.


Alternatively, hot melt system used by Leyla, Reviglass, Trend and Bisazza are suitable for swimming pools and submersed situations as per manufacturers advice. Hot melt systems have been vigorously tested. We are happy to install various brands and backing systems but please be aware that not all types of mosaic are suitable for submersed situations. We strongly advise against choosing cheap mosaics no matter how good they look in the showroom. 

The pools look different once filled with water so please keep that in mind. Water reflects the blue spectrum of natural light just like the sky does. Also the colour changes with the weather conditions, position of the Sun and also an angle from which the photo was taken. We take great pride in our work and only employ the best. We do not outsource our jobs and all work is performed by a fully licensed and qualified person. We can guarantee that our pools will shine in years to come.

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